Former athletic director faces sexual harassment charges

| Aug 24, 2015 | Sexual Harassment |

California residents may be interested to know that on Aug. 19, the president of the University of Minnesota confirmed allegations of sexual harassment against its former athletic director. Earlier that month, the athletic director was let go after two female employees filed harassment charges against him, and there are more possibly cases forthcoming. The president said that there were currently less than five allegations that the school is currently investigating.

In addition to the confirmed allegations from the two unnamed employees, a female journalist for the school also alleges that she was a victim of sexual harassment. It was not mentioned when the alleged violations took place, where they may have taken place or if the former athletic director would be facing any criminal charges.

If an owner, manager or fellow colleague makes unwelcome comments or takes unwanted actions, it could be considered sexual harassment. For instance, if someone made a comment about a fellow worker’s body or made jokes of a sexual nature, an employee could pursue a workplace harassment case. If a worker was promised or denied a promotion on the condition that he or she provide sexual favors, that may also be considered illegal harassment on the job.

Those who feel as if they have been sexually harassed or otherwise mistreated at work may wish to talk to an attorney who has experience in employment law maters. An attorney may be able to review the case and determine if illegal conduct took place. If it did, an employee may be entitled to compensation for back pay and benefits if he or she was wrongfully terminated.

Source: CBS Sports, “New sexual harassment complaints filed against former Minnesota AD”, Gary Parrish, Aug. 19, 2015


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