Minnesota athletic director resigns amid sexual harassment claims

| Aug 10, 2015 | Sexual Harassment |

California sports fans may be interested to learn that University of Minnesota athletic director Norwood Teague resigned on Aug. 7 amid accusations that he sexually harassed two female university employees. He was hired to reshape the Golden Gophers athletic department in 2012. According to partially redacted transcripts of the sexual harassment complaints, Teague repeatedly pinched the buttocks of one employee and sent her a series of sexually suggestive texts, which continued even after she asked him to stop. Another employee alleges that Teague cornered her at an event and made unwelcome physical advances, including poking her side and rubbing her back.

In a statement released to a Minnesota television station, Teague blamed the incidents on an alcohol problem and claimed he would seek treatment. He apologized to all who were involved and said that his behavior was not reflective of the school’s character.

The university’s president said that “sexual harassment will not be tolerated” at the school and that the situation has been handled internally. He also said he did not know if the two employees are intending to take legal action.

Employees who believe they have been subjected to sexual harassment on the job may wish to consult with an attorney. Examples of sexual harassment include lewd comments, sexual innuendo and, as in the University of Minnesota case, sexually suggestive text messages and unwanted physical contact. An attorney could review the details of a victim’s complaint and provide guidance on the best course of legal action. In some cases, it may be advisable for a victim of harassment to file a lawsuit against an employer seeking compensation for damages.

Source: ESPN GO, “Minnesota AD Norwood Teague resigns amid sexual harassment allegations,” Aug. 7, 2015


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