Sexual harassment common for restaurant workers

| Nov 3, 2015 | Sexual Harassment |

California restaurant workers may appreciate a recent survey by a nonprofit organization that showed that sexual harassment was common in the restaurant industry. In fact, the majority of the survey participants reported that they had been sexually harassed by their managers.

Researchers with the Restaurant Opportunities Center United surveyed 688 current and former restaurant workers from a number of different states. They found that 66 percent of female employees and more than half of male employees had experienced sexual harassment from their managers. However, the numbers were even higher for both genders when it came to workplace harassment from coworkers and even customers. Many of the workers stated that the behavior was unwanted or even scary.

In many cases, the harassment by customers occurred in states that allow restaurant workers to be paid $2.13 an hour, forcing them to rely on customer tips for the majority of their income. One participant stated that she felt “powerless” as this is where the majority of her money was coming from.

When employees are facing workplace sexual harassment from managers, co-workers or even customers, their job performance and productivity can be seriously affected. In many cases, they feel powerless to do anything about it, and they are afraid of retaliatory repercussions if they report the situation to management. An employment law attorney can point out that such retaliation is unlawful and that employees have a right to be protected from unwanted sexual advances. In many cases, an attorney might be of assistance in pursuing a claim with the appropriate state or federal agency.


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