Insights into sexual harassment in California

| Mar 30, 2016 | Sexual Harassment |

Those who are sexually harassed at work may feel angry and vulnerable, which could cut into their productivity. However, sexual harassment is not necessarily an isolated event, as a large number of workers have revealed that they have received unwanted attention on the job. Although there are thousands of reported cases, it is believed that 70 percent of women do not report the abuse that they experience.

Each year, there are 43,000 rapes and sexual assaults that occur in workplaces around America. This is according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and the number could be higher after taking into account instances that are not reported. This is mostly out of fear that they could suffer reprisals professionally and a loss of reputation both professionally and in their personal lives. Furthermore, one-third of women between the ages of 18 and 34 said that they had been sexually harassed according to a poll done by Cosmopolitan.

While it can happen anywhere, sexual harassment is especially prevalent in the service industry. According to a report commissioned in 2014 from the Restaurant Opportunities Center, 90 percent of female respondents said that they felt forced to develop a rapport to get tips. That meant tolerating inappropriate behavior, which at times may be akin to sexual harassment in the workplace.

People who have experienced sexual harassment on the job are advised to first follow the procedures set forth in their company manual. If that proves unfruitful, or if it is difficult because the harasser is a supervisor or boss, then an attorney can often assist with filing a claim with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.


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