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| Sep 15, 2016 | Employee Rights |

Nobody is happy when a customer stiffs wait staff, but that’s what many employers are doing across the state. They’ve stolen your time and it’s time to take it back.

Labor Commissioner Julie Su is running a “Wage Theft is a Crime” campaign to raise awareness of unpaid work in California. Most often, wage theft–not paying employees for all their hours on the job–happens at low paying jobs, where workers don’t have the time or energy to defend themselves. The restaurant industry has been hit heavily, and Chevron was recently fined for skimping on paychecks to oil and gas workers.

Employers target these industries because workers are too busy, too stressed and too exhausted to do anything about it–or so they believe. Legal help is available, and there’s no fee until you win your case.

Your employer is disempowering you, and it’s your right to get paid fairly for your work.

The law is on your side

As Commissioner Su’s campaign knows, getting underpaid workers to press charges is difficult. You’re busy with two jobs, or working nights while going to school by day and maybe raising kids through it all. It’s hard to find time and money is already scarce. Wage theft is a serious offense. You’ll collect back pay, employers will be fined and additional monetary settlements are often included.

Visiting an attorney today can set you on the path toward reclaiming your money. A short meeting will determine how serious the theft is. The only thing a lawsuit against your employer will cost you is time, a cost that’s worth it to reclaim your pride.


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