Deciding to join a wage and hour class action lawsuit

| Aug 4, 2017 | Employee Rights, Wage And Hour Laws |

As a California worker, you have certain rights. Federal and California laws entitle many employees to overtime pay and also prohibit certain unfair labor practices such as “working off the clock”. If you find yourself in this situation, you could have various legal options available to you. In some cases, you may have grounds to join in a wage and hour class action lawsuit.

If you did not receive overtime pay, your employer denied you break time, or you were required to work additional hours off the clock, you may not be alone. It may be possible to join a wage and hour class action lawsuit. Such lawsuits can represent hundreds or thousands of mistreated employees and you could be one of them.

Reasons for a class action lawsuit

In some cases, it is more effective for mistreated employees to act together when pursuing legal action against their employer. When an employer violates one worker’s right to fair pay or other rights, there is a good chance that other employees are experiencing the same thing. Class action lawsuits provide these advantages to workers:

  • The ability to band together to hold employers accountable for unfair or illegal treatment
  • The ability to pursue compensation for earned overtime and denied regular wages
  • The ability to get results with lower legal costs than an individual lawsuit

Becoming involved with a class action lawsuit does not always mean a significant amount of complications or requirements for you as a participant. For you, it could be as simple as signing a few forms to opt in.

What you need to know

If you believe that you are the victim of illegal employment practices by your employer, you may be unsure of what you should do next. It is possible that you have grounds to take legal action, but what this means for you depends on the details of your individual situation. While it may be possible to move forward with an individual lawsuit in some cases,joining a wage and hour class action lawsuit may be preferable. You and your fellow employees do not have to tolerate illegal treatment, and a class action lawsuit may be the right way to fight back.

If you think that your employer has violated your rights or failed to pay you what you are rightfully owed, speak with an experienced employment law attorney.




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