Did your employer fire you after you mentioned your pregnancy?

| Sep 29, 2017 | Workplace Discrimination |

When you learned you were expecting a baby, you likely experienced a whole range of emotions, among which were perhaps nervousness and excitement. If you happen to be among many women in California who waited and hoped to have children of your own a long time before actually becoming pregnant, your cause for celebration may have been all the more joyous when you found out your dreams of becoming a parent were coming true.

In addition to choosing a name for your little one and sharing your news with family and friends, you may have also looked forward to telling your colleagues at work and boss about your pregnancy.

Did things not go as planned?

When you told your employer that you were having a baby, did things in the workplace take a turn for the worse? If you believe you suffered discrimination because of your condition, or worse, that you wound up losing your job altogether after sharing your news with your employer, you are definitely not alone as this type of unfair treatment is problematic in many workplaces. The following facts may help you determine how best to address the situation:

  • The Pregnancy Discrimination Act protects employers from demoting, terminating, or otherwise mistreating pregnant employees due to their conditions.
  • If your employer required you to give a notice of pregnancy, you may have grounds for filing a discrimination complaint if you believe the request directly related to restricting your employment opportunities.
  • If you want to continue working and are able to carry out your duties while pregnant, your employer has no right to keep you from doing your job.
  • If, on the other hand, your pregnancy temporarily prevents you from performing certain workplace duties, your employer must treat you as any other disabled worker.

 If you take a leave of absence that is pregnancy-related, you are still entitled to any pay raise, benefits, or seniority opportunities, etc., to which any other worker on leave may be eligible. Also, telling your boss you’re pregnant is not supposed to lead to your termination from employment. If it does, then you have every right to file a complaint.

Going up against an employer to fight pregnancy discrimination can be quite stressful and daunting. This is why many California women join forces with experienced employment law attorneys before taking on such battles. Speak with an experienced employment discrimination attorney to learn about your legal options.


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