Don’t take sexual harassment with a grain of salt

| Nov 17, 2017 | Sexual Harassment |

Sexual harassment at any point in your life is a horrible thing to have to experience. Unfortunately, many people are subjected to these types of events while they are at work. In these cases, the victims might choose to hold the employer accountable for the harassment. We can help you learn about the options that you have when your employer isn’t taking your complaints of sexual harassment seriously.

One of the things that is so troubling about sexual harassment is that it is your own body that is violated. Even if the harassment is verbal, it might cause you to become uncomfortable in your own body. This isn’t ever an appropriate thing to happen to someone who is just trying to earn a living.

We want you to remember that you don’t have to be the subject of the sexual harassment to be a victim. If you hear crude comments about a co-worker or have to listen to sexually explicit jokes, you can take action. If you see a co-worker touching another employee inappropriately and in an unwanted manner, you can take action.

Even though it might seem as though sexual harassment incidents are the popular thing to bring up now, it is imperative that employers don’t become complacent when dealing with them. Employers have a duty to investigate each claim to determine if it is factual. They also have the duty to take action to remedy the situation.

We know that making these types of complaints is often difficult. The taboo that is surrounding sexual harassment claims is difficult to deal with, but victims of sexual harassment need to stand up now so that they can put an end to the horrific incidents.


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