Serious allegations made against NBCUniversal

| Nov 8, 2017 | Sexual Harassment |

NBCUniversal is facing some serious accusation about the conduct of the conglomerate’s response to allegations of sexual harassment that a female worker made against her supervisor. The woman’s claims include a variety of comments allegedly made by the male worker.

The lawsuit alleges that nothing was done when the woman made the complaint against her supervisor. She wasn’t even moved to another supervisor despite the issues that she brought up. Instead, she suffered “mental and/or physical disabilities” due to the harassment at work. She was eventually placed on sick leave until that ran out and then the company fired her.

Among the accusations the woman made is one that the supervisor referred to his genitalia as a “lightsaber.” He allegedly also made comments about a female employee who was the victim of domestic violence. He claimed that the abused woman should have behaved better by keeping quiet so she wouldn’t have been subjected to abuse. He further noted that she needed to limp into the office.

The comments didn’t stop there. He is also accused of discussing the masturbation practices of males. When a lesbian, bisexual, gay, transgender and queer (LBGTQ) event was brought up, he allegedly noted that he doesn’t take part in gay things.

The case has been removed from California state court to federal court. NBCUniversal is fighting the woman’s allegations. They are using a variety of avenues to do this, including making claims that the woman didn’t exhaust all administrative options before taking the case to court.

The bottom line here is that employees don’t need to be subjected to a hostile workplace. Employers need to ensure that their company is free of harassment of all sorts. Failing to do so can lead to court actions like what this woman filed.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter, “NBCUniversal Faces Wrongful-Termination Suit Amid Sexual Harassment Allegations,” Etan Vlessing, Nov. 02, 2017


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