Taking action when you aren’t paid overtime

| Nov 29, 2017 | Unpaid Overtime |

You don’t stay late at work or come in on your days off so that you can earn the same amount as you earn for the first 40 hours of the workweek. Unfortunately, some employers try to make you work those additional hours without being willing to take care of you. If you have worked overtime, you deserve to be paid for that overtime.

We understand that you might not know how to handle these situations. It is a difficult position for an employee to be in. You know that you need your job and you understand that you shouldn’t rock the boat too much. But, you also understand that you shouldn’t be expected to work for free.

Taking a stand against your employer is difficult, but if you don’t, you risk having the employer continue to think that you are going to work for free. This isn’t something that is acceptable. You should receive appropriate pay that is based on the applicable laws in California.

As long as you have worked over 40 hours for the workweek, you should almost always expect to receive overtime. Employers will try to use several reasons to avoid paying you what you are due. You will have to stand up to them and let them know that you expect pay.

Sure, there is a possibility that they simply overlooked the overtime. If this is the case, the employer will make things right quickly. If they don’t, we can help you take action to get the overtime that you deserve for your hard work.


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