Employers might fight your unemployment claim

| Jan 2, 2018 | Employment Law |

Unemployment benefits are a way for workers who are let go from a job or quit because of a hostile workplace to have some income until they are able to return to work. There are cases in which unemployment claims are made by employees and they get those benefits without any other work on the employee’s part. In other cases, the employer contests the issuance of unemployment benefits.

There are many reasons why the employer might contest the benefits, but the common ground is that they all have to do with the employer thinking that the employee shouldn’t receive benefits. In many cases, this is because they don’t agree with something in the employee’s claim.

The contest of the benefits by an employer is the first event in a chain of events that can make it hard for the claimant to get the benefits. One of the next steps that will happen is that an official with the state’s office will review the contest. In almost all cases, this triggers an investigation that will require you to be interviewed by either phone or in person. In some cases, you might be asked to submit a written rebuttal to the employer’s claims.

When you receive notice that there is more information needed or that your claim has been denied, you need to heed the deadlines and processes that are outlined for you. Providing the information or filing an appeal is necessary. You do have only a limited time to these in accordance with the established methods.

You should remember that you do have rights throughout this process. Keeping those in mind and having representation to help you ensure they are respected might be beneficial.

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