Protecting yourself from religious harassment at work

| Feb 14, 2018 | Workplace Discrimination |

California workers have the right to a workplace that is free from discrimination and harassment. If you believe you are dealing with religious discrimination at work, you can fight back.

Religious discrimination can come in many forms, and you may find it beneficial to learn more about recognizing this type of reprehensible treatment and what you can do about it. Employers can be held accountable for allowing the development and continuation of a hostile work environment.

Signs of religious discrimination

Religious discrimination is essentially treating someone differently or unfairly because of his or her religion. There are legal protections in place to protect individuals in the workplace who recognize both traditional and organized religions, as well those who hold to strong personal convictions and moral codes. Some examples of harassment and religious discrimination include the following:

  • Losing your job, getting demoted and experiencing other negative treatment because of your religion
  • Experiencing harassing comments or being the subject of inappropriate jokes or comments
  • Not being allowed reasonable accommodations by your employer to observe your religion and respect your beliefs

Depending on your beliefs, you should receive certain accommodations and exceptions by your employer. As long as your request does not cause more than a minimal disruption to the operations of the business, your work does not have to infringe on your religious beliefs. You have a legal right to seek shift substitutions, job reassignments and other modifications if it is necessary to do so because of your religion.

If you were denied rightful accommodations or you experienced treatment that was unfair, you may feel unsure of what you should do next. You do not have to deal with this unfortunate treatment alone, but you can seek appropriate guidance to make it stop and seek appropriate damages.

Hold the right people accountable

You do not have to suffer from the effects of religious discrimination alone. You may feel overwhelmed, embarrassed and mistreated, but there are both state and federal laws that protect your right to a work environment free from harassment. By seeking a complete evaluation of your case, you can better understand your rights and the steps you can take to hold the appropriate parties accountable. You do not have to tolerate unfair treatment, whatever your religious beliefs.


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