5 people accuse a Los Angeles board member of sexual harassment

| Mar 9, 2018 | Sexual Harassment |

A 68-year-old Board of Commissioners member, who’s in charge of overseeing the El Pueblo de Los Angeles Historical Monument, has been hit with five different sexual harassment complaints since December. The Los Angeles city department that the accused is a board member for is responsible for managing several downtown museums along Olvera Street. It employs 10 individuals full-time and at least a dozen part-timers.

The fact that the smallest department run by the city has had six sexual harassment lawsuits filed against it in the past few months is shocking many local lawmakers say. One of the largest departments, the city attorney’s office, employs over 1,000 workers, yet has only been faced with six sexual harassment lawsuits over a four-year period.

As for the accused, he contends that he’s been targeted with the sexual harassment complaints as a way of trying to get him removed from the board. At least one of the complaints have been filed by a male employee. Four others have been filed by women.

He notes that he suspects that a disagreement he had with an unidentified employee sometime last year might have led to the sexual harassment accusations being lodged against him.

It was apparently during December of last year that the board member had mentioned wanting to boost attendance at area museums in his jurisdiction. The accused argues that his suspected accuser decided to berate him at the meeting after he mentioned having discussed the idea with museum staff instead of with him or her. It’s soon after this quibble that the sexual harassment accusations were levied against him.

These accusations waged against this board member came to light largely because El Pueblo’s lead administrator instructed staff to start keeping track of all the department’s sexual harassment complaints a few months ago. They were published in the department’s personnel report.

The timing of these accusations couldn’t come at a worse time for the municipality’s mayor. He’s currently slated to solicit a vote as to whether he can house area homeless individuals in trailers nearby its offices. There is concern that these recent claims of sexual harassment will overshadow his other objectives.

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Source: Los Angeles Times, “One of L.A.’s tiniest city departments is hit with multiple sexual harassment complaints,” Dakota Smith, March 01, 2018


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