Woman aren’t usually accused of sexual harassment

| Mar 23, 2018 | Sexual Harassment |

Sexual harassment is usually associated with power-hungry men who are in a position of power. There are very few cases that center around a woman being the aggressor in the case. This happens for a few reason, but it is imperative to remember that women can be the party who is harassing someone else.

One of the primary reasons that seems to come up as to why women aren’t accused of sexually harassing people is because men might not want to complain about a women in this manner. Their pride might stop them from saying anything about what happened. This is a hard spot for a man to be in because they are usually groomed to be tough. Some might even think that they should be happy that a woman was showing any type of interest in them.

Another reason that more men are accused than women could be because men are the harassers more often. When it comes to upper management positions, there are more men. Women typically hold the lower management positions. Theoretically, this could lead to the men wanting to hold their position over the heads of the people who are subordinates to them.

Anyone who is being harassed at work should take steps to make the behavior stop and to address the situations that led to the incidents. From a legal standpoint, there isn’t a differentiation between genders. Cases involving female harassers are handled in the same manner as those with males named as the aggressor. Don’t sit back and take sexual harassment as part of the work conditions you have to deal with. Instead, find out your options and take action right away.

Source: USA Today, “Women are rarely accused of sexual harassment, and there’s a reason why,” Maria Puente, accessed March 23, 2018


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