Your employer can take steps to prevent workplace discrimination

| Mar 2, 2018 | Workplace Discrimination |

If you love your job and wake up most days eager to arrive at your workplace, consider yourself one of the lucky ones in California. Many people say they are very dissatisfied with their current jobs, such as some who may have gone to college and earned degrees, then were forced into paid employment situations that have nothing to do with their academic backgrounds. Others are in the industries they want to be in but don’t get along well with their bosses or co-workers.

Then there are those who would enjoy their jobs a lot, if it weren’t for discrimination problems. Your employer is obligated to provide all training and equipment necessary to keep you safe at work. There is also much your employer can do to prevent workplace discrimination. If your current work environment is stressful, and you suspect someone of discrimination, remember that you definitely have rights and can take steps to rectify the problem.

Employers play key roles in preventing workplace discrimination

As you consider your current work atmosphere, you may want to ask yourself several questions to determine if your employer is proactively trying to keep discrimination out of your workplace. The following list includes several steps diligent employers often take to protect their workers from discrimination on the job:

  • Provide information: Employers can take the reins to educate their workers about workplace discrimination, including how the law defines it and how to recognize it in the workplace. Employers can do this by hosting workshops or handing out literature to workers.
  • Build team morale: Many people say that workers’ attitudes often reflect leadership. If your employer encourages workers to respect co-workers’ differences, it may help create a peaceful working environment.
  • Respond promptly to complaints: If you approach your boss to report a problem, it’s imperative that he or she investigate the matter and take appropriate action, as necessary. If your boss ignores your complaint or acts as though he or she is taking it seriously but takes no further action, that could be a sign of trouble.
  • Enact and enforce policies: Employers who want to keep workplace discrimination at bay often have policies in place, especially for managers and other executives as to how to respond to possible discrimination incidents. It’s critical that your employer enforces existing discrimination policies.

So far, we’ve discussed ways your employer can address workplace discrimination issues. However, what if your employer is the source of your discrimination problem, meaning he or she is the one discriminating against you because of your age, race, ethnicity, religion or membership in another protected class?

Help is available

No job is perfect; however, there’s no reason you should have to endure discrimination as you do your best to carry out your on-the-job duties each day. You have rights, and there are people who can help you protect your rights.

Many California workers turn to experienced employment law attorneys to help them take action against civil rights violations in the workplace.


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