Victims of sexual harassment: Speak up and defend your rights

| May 4, 2018 | Sexual Harassment |

Sexual harassment continues to pervade society in spite of strict federal and state laws that prevent this abuse. The powerful protections offered under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 give women and men the right to healthy work conditions where sexual harassment doesn’t exist. But is everyone exercising their rights in this regard? Unfortunately, no.

The problem of sexual harassment is a two-way street. The kindergarten teacher can write the rules on the chalkboard but if the rules aren’t enforced — and if the offenders aren’t told to stop and punished for breaking the rules — the bad behavior will continue. In the case of sexual harassment, numerous victims shrug off the behavior believing that it will stop if they ignore it. Bringing this level of ugly, unconscionable and sickening behavior to light is not by any means an easy or delightful experience. Many victims of sexual harassment would rather put up with the abuse than go through the motions required to make it stop.

The “ignoring” technique could work sometimes, but in many cases, the sexual harassment escalates and gets so bad that the victim can’t even focus on his or her job tasks anymore. This level of sexual harassment is damaging to the individual victims, to the success of companies and to society as a whole.

If you’re currently suffering from any kind of on-the-job sexual harassment — or if you lost your job because of this abuse — it’s time to speak up. Learn about the legal strategies you can implement to pursue justice and financial restitution for your financial, career and psychological damages.

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