California employers are seeking autistic new hires

| Jun 27, 2018 | Workplace Discrimination |

Just like other workers with disabilities, autistic workers in California face the threat of being discriminated against by potential employers. However, some employers in California have begun to see the unique benefit of hiring workers suffering from this condition. Although every case of autism is different, certain people on the autism spectrum possess special skills that exceed those of nonautistic individuals.

For example, when it comes to Hollywood and the film industry, those with autism might have:

  • An incredible attention to detail
  • An excellent ability to concentrate
  • An interest in performing repetitive tasks
  • A creative capacity that exceeds their peers

Exceptional Minds is a creative design school that caters to those with autism who have an intereste in film careers. Exceptional Minds was founded seven years ago. The school has an animation and visual effects studio that employs some of its graduates to work on contracts from Nickelodeon, HBO, Sony, Marvel Studios and Netflix.

According to the studio coordinator at Exceptional Minds, Hollywood industry creative departments have employed workers from Exceptional Minds to carry out tasks that require hours of detail-intensive concentration. “Our young graduates are sought after by the industry’s giants to work on major projects, which is rare for those starting out in the film industry,” she said. For example, the studio recently worked on blockbuster films like Solo and Black Panther.

While we often hear sad stories about individuals with disabilities not having the same level of opportunity as others, in this case, we can see the positive effects that come when employers adopt an open mind to the unique capacities possessed by individuals with disabilities. If you have been denied work because of your disability, learn about your legal rights and options and stand up for yourself in court if necessary.


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