Would hiring more women reduce instances of sexual harassment?

| Aug 4, 2018 | Sexual Harassment |

California employers must be careful to hire from both sexes equally. Men and women must receive equal opportunity at the workplace, hiring should not be based on sexual bias and employers cannot make promotion, pay rate or termination decisions based on the sex of an individual. That said, it seems that numerous California workplaces have in unequal number of males in positions of authority — and men often make more money compared to women performing similar job functions.

Of course, the above kind of inequality in a California workplace is unlawful and if the women suffering from discrimination can prove it, they’ll have legal recourse in court. Furthermore, this issue of workplace sex discrimination begs the question: If women were treated more equally at work, would this also have the effect of reducing instances of sexual harassment?

Sexual harassment tends to be about power, control and domination — just as much as it is about sex. Those in power are prone to sexually harassing those beneath them. Moreover, women in power can be guilty of sexual harassment too, but perhaps — since the majority of sexual harassment claims are filed by women — female managers are a little more sensitive to this kind of behavior and more likely to behave themselves.

The question of whether more women in leadership roles would help reduce instances of sexual harassment is certainly an interesting one. In the meantime, California and the rest of the United States are a long way off from gender equality at work, and sexual harassment is still a devastating problem for millions of workers, male and female alike. If you’ve been hurt by either workplace sex discrimination or workplace sexual harassment, stand up for your rights and put a stop to this disgusting behavior now.


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