2 examples of workplace sexual harassment

| Sep 13, 2018 | Sexual Harassment |

Whether we’d like to admit it or not, workplace sexual harassment continues to be a widespread problem throughout California. In fact, thousands of people deal with humiliating situations at their jobs on a daily basis but they never say anything because they’re afraid of negative career consequences.

Here are two examples of common scenarios someone might suffer from:

A “touchy-feely” co-worker

We’ve all known people who are a little too free and extremely inappropriate with their hands. Imagine you have a coworker or boss who touches you on a frequent basis. This touching doesn’t even have to be overtly sexual in nature. If someone is touching you and you don’t like it, tell them to stop. If they continue in spite of your demands, you might be dealing with a clear case of sexual harassment.

A boss who constantly asks you out to dinner

Imagine you have a boss who is always asking you out to dinner, and even though you say “no,” the requests continue. Even worse, it seems like your continual “no’s” only make your boss more brazen and forward with the requests. Continual pressure to go out on nonwork-related dates is definitely sexual harassment, but many bosses don’t stop there. Sometimes, harassers will become frustrated with “no’s” and actually start to take it out on you with harassing, sexual comments and constant innuendo.

If you’re experiencing any kind of sexually harassing behavior at work, California and federal law protect you from retaliation if you wish to report the abuse to state or federal authorities and make it stop.


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