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November 2018 Archives

What kinds of actions can be considered retaliation?

Workplaces can sometimes be unpleasant. When co-workers don't like something you've said or done or perhaps are jealous because you got a promotion or an award they thought they deserved, they may give you the cold shoulder. Managers can be just as mean and petty. However, that behavior often doesn't rise to the level of retaliation — which is illegal.

Does your employer have to give you religious holidays off?

If you're one of the many Southern Californians whose religious holidays aren't among those typically recognized by employers, you may wonder if you have a legal right to take time off to celebrate your holidays and for other religious observances.

How to know if your termination was legal

It is easy to take it personally when you lose your job. In fact, it is common for workers to become depressed or anxious after a termination because they begin to wonder if there is something wrong with them. However, California, like many other states, has at-will employment, which means your employer can let you go at any time without giving you a reason.

Is sexual harassment also a criminal act?

The victims of sexual harassment at work suffer more than anyone realizes -- unless they too have been hurt by such unconscionable behavior. The severity of damage caused by sexual harassment certainly begs the question: Why don't sexual harassers usually go to jail? And, is sexual harassment ever a criminal act?

The FEHA, employer obligations and the rights of employees

As a California employee, you understand the importance of knowing about your rights and protecting your interests. One of the things you may need to know about is the California Fair Employment and Housing Act. This is an act intended to protect various types of employees from experiencing discrimination or harassment in any aspect of their jobs.

California's new sexual harassment rules relating to settlements

Under the current laws, employees and employers have been able to negotiate settlement agreements over sexual harassment claims. These settlement agreements have traditionally contained nondisclosure provisions that prevented either of the parties from talking about the sexual harassment allegations and the amount of money for which the cases settled. However, on Jan. 1, 2019, Senate Bill No. 820 will change this in the state of California.

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