Is your boss discriminating against you for being pregnant?

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Telling co-workers about your pregnancy can be exciting unless your boss doesn’t see it that way.

If it seems like your news has led to limitations or instances of adversity at work by either co-workers or your boss, you have a right to take action. But, it can be hard to know whether a few comments made in bad taste warrant a discrimination claim. Here are a few examples of pregnancy discrimination you should fight. 

Small examples of discrimination

Unfortunately, there are many types of pregnancy discrimination. Small, more subtle examples include:

  • Offensive jokes or insults
  • Not providing accommodations such as light-duty work, adjustments to work schedule or adequate seating.
  • Restricting access to benefits

More serious examples

All types of pregnancy discrimination should be taken seriously, but there are some examples that have a more severe effect than others. Examples of more serious pregnancy discrimination include:

  • Being fired
  • Not being considered for a promotion or advancement
  • Restricting medical leave
  • Being forced to change jobs or take time off

What should you do?

If you begin to suspect you are being discriminated against by your employer, coworkers or your company because of your pregnancy, you may want to take action. Speaking to your HR representative or an employment attorney could help you get the benefits, compensation or treatment you deserve. You are protected from pregnancy discrimination by the Pregnancy Discrimination Act and you are entitled to certain protections and rights in the workplace.


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