Workers’ compensation and workplace accident trends

| Apr 30, 2019 | Workers' Compensation |

Most California employees have the right to seek compensation and support in the event they suffer injuries in a workplace accident. Through a workers’ compensation claim, injured workers can get the help they need to get better and move forward. Across the country, fewer work accidents are being reported, which means the number of these claims is down as well.

Experts believed that changes in the workforce would bring about an increased frequency of workplace accidents. So far, that has not been true. Due to a strong economy and a lower rate of unemployment, there are more people working, and there are more older workers as well. Both of these factors could make workplace accidents more frequent, but statistics indicate that overall, the rate of these types of incidents is declining.

There could be a few reasons for the low rate of workplace accidents. First, there are more women in the workplace now, and historically, women tend to be less prone to accidents than men. It is also likely that tighter safety standards have also played a role in fewer accidents. Thanks to better safety systems and an implementation of technology, many jobs are safer than ever before. 

Despite these positive trends and better safety measures, workplace accidents will continue to happen. When they do, injured California workers would be wise to act quickly to file a workers’ compensation claim and get the support they need. Through their claim, they may be able to recover a portion of lost wages, medical bills and get other types of help. 


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