Fatal crane accident and workers’ compensation death benefits

| Jun 14, 2019 | Workers' Compensation |

California workers have the right to expect a certain standard of safety in their workplaces. This means that they have the right to expect their employers to ensure that dangerous incidents do not repeat themselves. There was a recent fatal accident involving a California crane company with a history of safety issues, leaving one grieving family wondering if they are eligible for death benefits through a workers’ compensation claim.

A crane operated by this company collapsed while it was not in operation, leaving one person dead. Bigge Crane and Rigging Co. has a history of penalties and citations from various state and federal organizations for failing to keep workers safe. The crane collapsed during a storm, but due to the fatality, the incident is still under investigation. 

The company released a statement saying that it is looking into the accident to determine what happened. There is increased scrutiny of the situation because of the fatality and the company’s history of issues. Previous incidents include collapsed cranes and other accidents, including some that left workers with fatal injuries. When a California worker is killed in a work accident, it leaves his or her family devastated emotionally and financially, especially if the victim was the sole income earner.

Loved ones left behind may feel overwhelmed by their situation, but there are options available to them. In this situation, the family can move forward with a workers’ compensation claim for death benefits, even if the incident is still under investigation. A complete evaluation of the case will reveal the specific options available to them. 


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