Fewer cases of workplace sexual harassment being reported

| Jul 22, 2019 | Sexual Harassment |

California employees have the right to expect that they will be able to go to work, do their jobs and fulfill their duties without experiencing harassment or discrimination of any kind. There are both state and federal laws that protect employees from sexual harassment, but unfortunately, it still happens. Thankfully, there are fewer incidents of this type of harassment being reported. 

Thanks to the popular #metoo movement, more women feel empowered to speak out against sexual harassment and other types of inappropriate treatment experienced by men. This new sense of boldness and bravery may be behind the lower numbers of harassment incidents. Women are more likely than ever before to report harassment, which may discourage men from acting inappropriately.

In the past, women may have been more reluctant to speak out when they experienced sexual harassment in the workplace. The may have feared for their jobs or they may have been unsure if they would experience types of retaliation for reporting their mistreatment. It’s likely that the #metoo social movement had a positive effect in making California workplaces better and safer for women.

If a person experienced sexual harassment in the workplace, he or she does not have to suffer in silence. There are specific legal options available to victims, including filing a civil claim against the liable party. Through this course of action, a person can hold employers and others accountable for inappropriate treatment or the development of a hostile work environment. A complete assessment of a person’s situation can help him or her understand the specific legal options available. 


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