Sexual harassment is a continuing issue in the medical field

| Oct 15, 2019 | Sexual Harassment |

Women are often subjected to unfair and inappropriate treatment in the workplace. This is true in almost any type of job, including the medical field. In fact, sexual harassment in the medical field may be much more common than many realize. Female doctors, nurses and other types of health care professionals may have to deal with inappropriate comments and unwanted contact from patients and even their own coworkers.

California female doctors have to treat and examine patients who may be sexually aggressive and verbally harassing. There are instances of patients exposing themselves, forcing a doctor’s hand to touch them, making grossly inappropriate comments and even threatening sexual violence. Despite these things, women still strive to remain professional and provide appropriate care.

Women doctors also report dealing with harassing behaviors from their co-workers and male teachers. Some live in fear of losing their place in programs or missing out on recommendations if they report lewd comments, unwanted contact or even rape by men in authority over them. Unfortunately, many victims feel that they have to live with the trauma and fear if they want to continue their pursuit of a career in the medical field. 

When a person experiences sexual harassment in the workplace, it can leave deep emotional scars and even physical damage. No matter what type of job a California woman has or what type of career she hopes she will have in the future, she does not have to suffer alone. Any time a person is the victim of harassment of any kind, it is the victim’s right to pursue legal recourse.


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