Sexual harassment prevalent among female attorneys

| Nov 25, 2019 | Sexual Harassment |

Every California employee has the right to a workplace that is free from degrading and inappropriate treatment from employers and co-workers. Sexual harassment is an unfortunate problem in many different types of workplaces, and the legal field is no exception. Statistics indicate that as many as 54% of female attorneys experienced sexual harassment at some point in their careers. 

A recent study found that not only do many female lawyers experience sexual harassment at work, around 63% of them experience bullying at work as well. This treatment has led to many women leaving the legal profession in pursuit of work in a less hostile and intimidating environment. Despite the prevalence of harassment incidents, estimates suggest only around one-quarter of them are reported.

Law firms are often reluctant to punish sexual harassment offenders, especially if they are high earners for the firm. However, there is evidence that firms with clear policies regarding bullying by personnel have fewer reported incidents. This is not necessarily the case for policies regarding sexual harassment. To effectively combat the issue of sexual harassment in the legal field, it will require changing the entire culture of this profession.

Sexual harassment in any type of workplace is completely unacceptable. Victims of this type of treatment have the right to fight back and hold liable parties accountable, whether it’s the employer, law firm or a co-worker. It can be intimidating to speak out about experiencing this type of treatment in a professional setting, but a person may find it helpful to seek guidance and support from a California employment law attorney.


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