Workers’ compensation for occupational hearing loss

| Nov 12, 2019 | Workers' Compensation |

California workers have the right to a reasonable expectation of safety, regardless of the nature of a specific job. This includes protections against noise levels that could eventually lead to occupational hearing loss. This is a more prevalent problem than many realize, and it could actually be grounds to pursue benefits through a workers’ compensation claim.

According to the results of a recent study, around 600 million people face exposure to dangerous levels of noise at work. In fact, noise is one of the most common and most serious occupational hazards. Over time, certain levels of regular noise exposure can lead to hearing loss of varying degrees. Scientists have also found that noise may actually lead to an increased chance of high blood pressure. It may also impact digestive health.

It’s hard to quantify long-term noise exposure over several decades, but researchers believe that with the number of Americans who have hypertension, it’s worthwhile to look at other factors. One of the most common factors is occupational noise exposure. As one would expect, the longer a person is exposed to noise, the more likely hearing loss will be.

Workers’ compensation benefits are for injured workers, as well as those who become ill or develop medical conditions as a result of their jobs. If a California worker lost his or her hearing or develops other health problems because of a job, he or she could have grounds to pursue coverage of medical bills, lost wages and other expenses. It can be complex to navigate this claims process, which is why many applicants find it beneficial to seek the guidance of an experienced legal professional. 


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