Positive resolution to lawsuits filed over sexual harassment

| Jan 6, 2020 | Sexual Harassment |

When a California employee experiences unwanted physical contact or verbal advances of a sexual nature in the workplace, that person has the right to speak up and take action. Recently, several plaintiffs in three different lawsuits against the California Democratic Party secured a reasonable settlement after they spoke out about sexual harassment they experienced. Multiple people claimed that party leader Eric Bauman touched them inappropriately. 

The claims against Bauman are disturbing, ranging from inappropriate comments and advances in a professional setting to forced sexual contact with at least one employee. The plaintiffs claimed that the CDP failed to protect them from a predatory authority figure. Bauman resigned from his position in 2018 after an investigation brought his actions and the CDP’s lack of intervention to light.

It is not clear the exact amount paid to the plaintiffs in these three lawsuits. However, victims of harassment and discrimination in the workplace have the right to pursue justice through the form of financial compensation. This cannot reverse what happened, but it is a way to hold liable parties accountable. The positive outcomes of these claims serve as a reminder of why it’s important for California harassment victims to speak up about what they experienced.

It’s not easy for victims to deal with instances of sexual harassment and know what to do next. A person may find it beneficial to speak with an experienced employment law attorney regarding the specific legal options available. It may be appropriate to move forward with a claim against the employer and others who are responsible for the harassment.


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