New laws in California protect against workplace discrimination

| Feb 3, 2020 | Workplace Discrimination |

California employees have the right to maintain certain expectations regarding their work environment and the treatment they may receive while in the workplace. In the event that they experience workplace discrimination or other types of unacceptable treatment, they have the right to speak out and take action. In order to protect these rights and other employee interests, the state legislature has passed several new employment laws that will be in effect in 2020. 

One important law that could impact employees directly makes it illegal in the state for employers to discriminate on the basis of a person’s hairstyle. Styles that include braids, locks and twists are now protected traits and can have no bearing in any type of employment decision. This is a big step forward for promoting diversity in the workplace.

There are also new laws that require employers to pay employees correctly and on time or else face expensive penalties. This ensures that workers get their rightful pay in a timely manner. New legislation also includes a new minimum wage in California, as well as changes to overtime exemption laws. It is the responsibility of each employer to know the laws and implement them appropriately.

Workplace discrimination is just one of the many issues a person could deal with at work. Whether it’s discriminatory treatment or unfair pay practices, a person would be wise to seek counsel regarding how to move forward with appropriate legal action. There may be valid grounds to file a civil claim on the basis of violating the rights of employees as well as state or federal employment laws. 


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