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Sexual Harassment Archives

Actress gets $9.5 in sexual harassment settlement with CBS

CBS's troubles with alleged bad behavior by powerful men at the network seem to continue. Earlier this year, its chief executive, Les Moonves, was ousted amid multiple accusations of sexual misconduct. Now it's come to light that the network paid $9.5 million to an actress who accused an actor who's been a longtime fixture on the network of inappropriate behavior. The case was settled via mediation and a confidential agreement. However, it became public amid a larger investigation into Moonves' alleged activities and the culture at the network, which has lost other powerful men accused of misconduct, including newsman Charlie Rose.

Is sexual harassment also a criminal act?

The victims of sexual harassment at work suffer more than anyone realizes -- unless they too have been hurt by such unconscionable behavior. The severity of damage caused by sexual harassment certainly begs the question: Why don't sexual harassers usually go to jail? And, is sexual harassment ever a criminal act?

California's new sexual harassment rules relating to settlements

Under the current laws, employees and employers have been able to negotiate settlement agreements over sexual harassment claims. These settlement agreements have traditionally contained nondisclosure provisions that prevented either of the parties from talking about the sexual harassment allegations and the amount of money for which the cases settled. However, on Jan. 1, 2019, Senate Bill No. 820 will change this in the state of California.

2 examples of workplace sexual harassment

Whether we'd like to admit it or not, workplace sexual harassment continues to be a widespread problem throughout California. In fact, thousands of people deal with humiliating situations at their jobs on a daily basis but they never say anything because they're afraid of negative career consequences.

Would hiring more women reduce instances of sexual harassment?

California employers must be careful to hire from both sexes equally. Men and women must receive equal opportunity at the workplace, hiring should not be based on sexual bias and employers cannot make promotion, pay rate or termination decisions based on the sex of an individual. That said, it seems that numerous California workplaces have in unequal number of males in positions of authority -- and men often make more money compared to women performing similar job functions.

Are you being subjected to a hostile work environment?

No matter where you work here in California, there is probably at least one person you find it difficult to work with. Whether you have personality differences or there is something else that makes it challenging to work with him or her, you may find yourself dreading having to interact with that person. Maybe your boss is lacking in managerial skills, which makes it difficult to get some things done.

Renowned geneticist resigns after sexual harassment accusations

The University of California Irvine has bid goodbye to renowned geneticist and faculty member Francisco J. Ayala, who donated $10 million dollars to the School of Biological Sciences. The faculty member is a winner of the coveted Templeton Prize -- also won by the Dalai Lama and Mother Teresa. He is famous for his work in genetics which has benefited hundreds of millions of people around the world through the prevention and treatment of serious disease conditions.

LGBT persons still face sexual harassment in the workplace

In today's society, you should have the freedom to embrace your sexual orientation. In recent years, the LGBT community gained significant support from the public and the government, and for decades California has been a leader in this support. Same-sex couples can marry, divorce and more easily adopt children than at any other point in the country's history.

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