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Workers' compensation claims prevalent at Amazon warehouse

Amazon is one of the most popular companies across the world, and there are company warehouses all over the country, including in Fresno. This California warehouse location has a higher-than-normal rate of workers' compensation claims, which may indicate a need for improved safety at the facility. There were over 300 injuries reported between June 2018, when it opened, and May 2019.

Workers' compensation after fatal accidents in the workplace

It's hard to predict when and why work accidents happen, but there are safety regulations and rules in place to make things as safe as reasonably possible. Many fatal incidents in the workplace are the result of unpredictable factors and unexpected events, making it harder for employers to be vigilant regarding safety. After a death, a grieving California family has the right to pursue death benefits through a workers' compensation claim.

Workers' compensation for occupational hearing loss

California workers have the right to a reasonable expectation of safety, regardless of the nature of a specific job. This includes protections against noise levels that could eventually lead to occupational hearing loss. This is a more prevalent problem than many realize, and it could actually be grounds to pursue benefits through a workers' compensation claim.

Workers' compensation for wildfire smoke inhalation

In California, an important concern for certain types of workers is smoke inhalation due to wildfires and poor air quality. If a person becomes will due to his or her job, it could be legitimate grounds to pursue workers' compensation benefits. While employers can take certain steps to keep workers' reasonably safe, it is possible that a worker could deal with respiratory issues as a result of exposure. In this specific type of situation, a person can move forward with a claim.

Workers' compensation possible of family of deceased worker

A California family recently got the devastating news that their family member died while he was at work. A sanitation worker was crushed to death by the hydraulic mechanism in his truck, but there are still many questions surrounding the circumstances of his accident. If a person dies while at work or while doing a job-related task, the family of the deceased could have a rightful claim to workers' compensation benefits.

Workers' compensation possible for worker who fell off roof

California workers who are required to work on roofs and from heights understand the importance of fall protection and safety training. Recently, the importance of this issue came to light when an employee of a solar panel installation company fell off a roof. Like other employees who suffer injuries in work-related accidents, he has the right to seek benefits through a workers' compensation claim.

Workers' compensation for heat-related illnesses

The summer is hot, especially in certain parts of California. For workers who must be outside for the majority of their day, the heat can be a dangerous threat to their health and safety. It's smart for workers to know their rights when working outside and how to stay as safe as reasonably possible. Workers will also find it useful to understand the workers' compensation process in case they need to file a claim due to heat-related illnesses.

Fatal crane accident and workers' compensation death benefits

California workers have the right to expect a certain standard of safety in their workplaces. This means that they have the right to expect their employers to ensure that dangerous incidents do not repeat themselves. There was a recent fatal accident involving a California crane company with a history of safety issues, leaving one grieving family wondering if they are eligible for death benefits through a workers' compensation claim.

Smoke from wildfires and workers' compensation

California firefighters and other types of emergency responders face various risks and threats when fighting fires, especially wildfires. In 2018 alone, millions of acres burned in California, and the men and women who are called to fight these types of outbreaks deserve as much safety as reasonably possible when they go to work. This includes having access to necessary safety equipment. Keeping workers safe means fewer workers' compensation claims for smoke-related illnesses.

Workers' compensation and workplace accident trends

Most California employees have the right to seek compensation and support in the event they suffer injuries in a workplace accident. Through a workers' compensation claim, injured workers can get the help they need to get better and move forward. Across the country, fewer work accidents are being reported, which means the number of these claims is down as well.

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