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Should workers' compensation cover mental trauma?

When a California worker suffers an injury on the job, he or she could be eligible for certain benefits. Through a claim filed through the employer's workers' compensation insurance policy, a worker may be able to secure benefits necessary to cover medical bills, a portion of lost wages and more. However, there are some who believe these benefits should also extend to individuals suffering from mental trauma from work. 

Know what to expect from your employer after a workplace accident

A workplace accident will have a negative impact on your life in many ways. From your medical bills to your ability to continue with your career after your recovery, there are many issues that could cause financial hardship. You have a right to financial support through a workers' compensation claim, but it is beneficial to have a full understanding of your rights. 

If you are hurt at work, what can you expect from your employer?

If you suffered an injury in an accident at your place of work, you may feel overwhelmed and confused about your situation. California workers have the right to seek workers' compensation benefits through their employer's insurance, but it can also be helpful to learn more about the process and what you can expect from your employer.

Can you get workers' compensation benefits for PTSD?

The short answer to that question is yes, but matters are hardly ever that simple, especially when insurance benefits come into play. Workers' compensation insurance covers physical, mental and psychological injuries, but obtaining benefits for what is largely an unseen and subjective psychological condition (through the eyes of insurance adjusters and employers) could be problematic.

Not all work injuries come from major accidents

When you think of work injuries, what comes to mind? Many think of major accidents that often cause devastating injuries. However, not all work injuries are the result of big events. In fact, there are those that happen due to completing the same tasks repeatedly.

You can fight back after workers' compensation retaliation

You know that California workers have the right to certain benefits if they suffer injury in a workplace accident or because of occupational illnesses. However, employers may not always respect these rights, and some injured workers may lose their jobs after filing for workers' compensation benefits.

Danger may be lurking near your cubicle

Even if you don't report for work each day on a construction site, at the top of a high scaffold on the outside of a 20-story building or at the scene of a four-alarm fire, it doesn't mean you are free from all safety risks just because you work in an office. In fact, there may be several potentially serious dangers in your vicinity at any given time, and if one catches you by surprise, an otherwise average workday may end with you in the hospital.

Workplace eye injuries are preventable

As a child, you may have played a game with friends that involved blindfolding one person who then chased the others around. When it was your turn to wear the blindfold, you may have felt the frustration of being unable to see as your friends laughed and teased you. Despite the fun of the game, you probably felt relieved to remove the blindfold and see the faces of your friends in the light.

Denied workers' comp benefits? It's not the end of the road

Did you apply for workers' compensation benefits after an accident at work or the onset of an illness related to your occupation? As a California employee, you have the right to certain benefits in case you are ever injured. However, it is not always an easy process to actually get these benefits, even when you have a valid claim. 

Exposure to toxic substances at work can expose you to illness

Any California worker could face exposure to toxic substances in the workplace, but there are some who may be at a higher risk for this type of danger. Workers in certain industries would be wise to know their rights regarding workers' compensation benefits in the event that they become ill or injured due to toxic exposure. 

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