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When an employee has been laid off or terminated, the employer may provide a severance package. While employers are not legally required to offer severance, it is important to make sure the offer is a fair and appropriate one. Having an experienced employment lawyer review your offer and negotiate on your behalf can ensure the best possible outcome in a difficult situation.

You want to be sure you understand what you are receiving and how an agreement could potentially affect you in the future. Some severance agreements have noncompete clauses, which can dictate certain details of your next job.

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Is This A Fair And Appropriate Severance Agreement Offer?

At the Law Offices of Gary R. Carlin, APC, our practice is focused on employment law issues, and we have successfully represented thousands of Los Angeles-area employees. Our experienced attorneys not only protect the rights of employees who have suffered workplace discrimination or harassment but also review severance agreements.

If you were recently laid off and your employer offered you a severance package, we can review the offer and make sure that it is fair and appropriate.

When you come into our office to discuss your severance agreement offer, we will review it and make recommendations based on your individual situation. The fairness of the agreement may depend on the circumstances of your termination or layoff as well as how long you worked for your employer. If necessary, we will negotiate on your behalf with your employer.

Your Rights Under The WARN Act

The Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) Act is a federal law that protects the rights of workers in massive layoffs or relocations. The California WARN Act was enacted in 2003. Both the federal and state WARN acts require employers laying off more than 50 employees in a 30-day time period to give 60 days’ notice. If you believe your rights have been violated under the WARN Act, we can discuss your case with you and take any necessary legal action.

Contact Our Experienced Severance Package Lawyers

Please contact us online to discuss your severance agreement offer with our knowledgeable attorneys. To arrange your free initial consultation, call 562-606-0382 or toll free at 866-915-3589. Our law firm handles cases on a contingency basis, so you will not pay lawyer’s fees unless you win.

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