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California Supreme Court issues clearer standard for bias claims

California law prohibits employers from taking any adverse action against an employee or job applicant because of discrimination on the basis of a protected status. In some cases, though, the alleged discrimination may be mixed in with legitimate reasons for taking adverse action. Until recently, courts in California have not had a clear standard to work with in these so-called "mixed-motive" cases.

California retiree advocates for caregiver workplace protections

Los Angeles workers might look forward to retirement as an opportunity to delve further into hobbies, catch up on extra reading, or perhaps just as a time to relax and enjoy freedom from work obligations. Yet one California retired firefighter is not taking time off. Instead, he's doing his part to support a proposed bill that would protect caregivers from discrimination in the workplace.

Female officer sues after enduring years of sexual harassment at work

No employee in Los Angeles should be forced to work in an environment that is dangerous due to an employer's refusal to implement changes that could make the workplace safer and more tolerable for its employees. Employers throughout the entire country have a responsibility to protect workers' rights, which means employers also have a responsibility to create and maintain safe workplaces.

Discrimination against pregnant women may cost advancement

When a woman is pregnant, it should be something that is celebrated. Regardless of an employer or supervisor's personal beliefs on whether to be a parent, women cannot and should not be subjected to pregnancy discrimination. While the law in Los Angeles and across the country says one thing, employers' actions are another. Unlike many other forms of discrimination in the workplace, however, many people's assumptions about pregnant women are subconscious and, thus, not seen to be negative.

Popular Los Angeles retailer named in wrongful termination suit

A former American Apparel employee who signed an "At Will Employment Confidentiality Agreement" is now suing the company for wrongful termination and other wrongdoings. The employee has disclosed some very concerning issues regarding his employment with the company that he believes the public should be aware of, but American Apparel claims that the allegations are false and that the former employee has violated a "Mandatory Arbitration and Mediation Agreement" by filing a lawsuit against the company.

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