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Weight discrimination is a tough bias to shed

If you have trouble finding a power suit in your size, it may be for one reason: those who make clothes for business women don't expect plus-size women to achieve positions of power. Why is that? After all, you have your degree, perhaps several. You are good at your job, and you have plenty of successful experience in your field.

State workplace discrimination law stricter than federal

A 2012 California law prohibits religious discrimination in the workplace. An employer must accommodate the religious requirements of an employee unless it would cause undue hardship. The hardship threshold is higher in California than at the federal level, which permits that even moderate hardship can preclude adherence to the federal nondiscrimination law.

California discrimination filing system adds a step

The process for filing workplace discrimination complaints in California is changing. The process, which was streamlined in 2012, will now include a person-to-person screener. The change is a response to difficulties caused by the computerized reporting system, which made the process faster and easier but caused an increase in the number of denied petitions.

New anti-discrimination federal order implemented

Gay and transgender federal employees across the country will now find themselves protected from being discriminated against at work on the basis of their sexual orientation or gender identification. California already has protections in place for gay and transgender employees under the Fair Employment and Housing Act, but California was only one of 18 states in the country to ban employment discrimination based on sexual orientation prior to Obama's action. The rule also extends to companies holding federal contracts.

Caregivers may be protected against discrimination

If you've fallen into the role of a caretaker, then you don't want to have to worry about being discriminated against because of it. Taking care of your family member is hard enough without that additional stress. Fortunately, a new bill in California will help protect caregivers like yourself from workplace discrimination, which could save your job or protect you against discriminatory pay losses or the loss of promotions.

Job discrimination and criminal records

California residents might be interested to learn that a new bill has been passed that if signed by the governor will keep employers from being able to inquire about an applicant's criminal history on their job applications. The legislation is part of a nationwide movement that is asking lawmakers to make it easier for reformed criminals to obtain employment.

Small-business owners value workplace discrimination laws

California employees and business owners may take note of a survey on discrimination conducted by Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research. A large majority of small-business owners indicated in the poll that laws prohibiting gender identity and sexual orientation discrimination would serve owners by saving them money. No federal law exists to prohibit these types of workplace discrimination, yet a number of states and large, private employers have implemented non-discrimination policies.

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