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Caregivers get little respect in the workplace

At the end of the day, when you think about all the things that are most important to you, the ones that rise to the top are likely your family and your friends. Those closest to you make your life worthwhile. You may wish you could devote all your time to caring for them, but, of course, you have to work each day.

Know what religious protections you have at work

Federal law provides specific protections for employees. Some of these protections center around closely held religious beliefs. There are some exceptions to the protections, so workers should be sure that they fully understand what is allowed and what isn't allowed under the law.

Women file gender-bias, unequal pay class action against Google

Three women have filed a class action accusing Google of systematically paying women less for the same work as men. They also say the tech giant keeps women largely partitioned into jobs where they are less likely to be promoted, promotes far fewer women than men despite similar qualifications, and moves women up the career ladder more slowly than men.

Have you faced age discrimination in the course of employment?

As California residents get older, many continue to feel that they can contribute to society in some way. Additionally, they may also  want to continue working or else have to work in order to obtain income that allows them to live the way they choose. As an older individual, you may have found yourself hoping to remain employed, but you may also have noticed certain roadblocks in your way.

Should you receive equal pay for equal work?

As a California employee, you work hard to meet the obligations of your job, fulfill your job duties and do the best you can do every time you show up at work. That is why it is particularly frustrating to learn that you are not getting fair pay for your work, especially if it is less than what others are receiving for the same kind of work.

Fight back against disability discrimination in your workplace

Every California employee has the right to a workplace that is free from harassment and discrimination. But despite the existence of laws designed to protect individuals from dealing with this type of mistreatment in the workplace, discrimination still happens.

The personal and professional effects of workplace discrimination

When at work, no one should have to deal with discrimination in any of its forms. Unfortunately, there are plenty of people in California and elsewhere who deal with various types of workplace discrimination on a regular basis. Are you one of them?

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