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Race discrimination in the workplace

Race discrimination is a serious problem that can affect people in California who are employed as well as those who are seeking employment. Employers may be found guilty of race discrimination in the workplace if they treat an individual differently because of their race or color.

$1 million award for discrimination lawsuit upheld on appeal

On Oct. 2, a California appellate court upheld a previous ruling in a racial discrimination case and affirmed the almost $1 million award to the plaintiff. The Third District Court of Appeal in Sacramento found that the jury's decision in 2011 was based on a reasonable suspicion that some of the testimony of the defendant's witnesses was inconsistent and false.

Racial descrimination leads to lawsuit in California

At work, the most anyone can ask for is to be treated fairly and to get the same benefits as everyone else. Race discrimination is very serious in the workplace, and in this report about Oracle, one director claims that a lower salary was offered just because a worker was an Indian. According to the news, when the man decided that he wanted to bring an Oracle employee working in India to California, his company told him to offer $50,000, which was supposedly "good money for an Indian."

Bank of America fined in discrimination case

California readers may be interested to know that the U.S. Department of Labor has ordered Bank of America to pay approximately $2.2 million to 1,100 black applicants in restitution for hiring discrimination. The ruling awards $964,033 to 1,034 job applicants who were rejected for jobs in 1992 based on race discrimination. There is an additional award of $1,217,560 for 113 job seekers who were rejected based on race between 2002 and 2005.

Genetic discrimination is illegal

Businesses in Los Angeles that require prospective employees to undergo physicals may be violating federal law if they are not handled correctly. While people are aware of the illegality of gender or race discrimination, not everyone is aware that companies cannot refuse to hire someone based on a medical condition or the belief that a candidate is at risk for developing one due to a family history. Employers can require job applicants to complete a physical and a drug test as a condition of employment, but businesses are limited as to what information they can gather.

Two fired soccer coaches claim discrimination

Two coaches who were fired by a Los-Angeles based Major League Soccer team have filed a suit against their former employer claiming that they were wrongfully terminated. The two men claimed that they were fired due to race discrimination after the Mexican owner of team Chivas USA implemented a Latino-only employment policy in violation of state and federal law.

Hospital granted dad's request: no black nurses, lawsuit says

A nurse is suing a hospital that she worked for due to allegations of racial discrimination. The African-American plaintiff is reporting that her employer made her a victim of race discrimination when it agreed to a father's request that no black nurses be permitted to care for the man's newborn baby. Because racial discrimination is prohibited by Title VII, Los Angeles workers who find themselves the victims of this type of discrimination could bring similar suits if the same type of situation occurs with them.

Company paying millions to settle race discrimination case

The NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund brought forth a class-action lawsuit by employees of a teen retailer in Santa Ana. The firm accused the retailer of race discrimination, alleging that the retailer engaged in intentional conduct so that it could have the image of blond and blue-eyed workers in its company. The retailer recently entered into a multi-million dollar settlement.

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