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Obama signs paid sick leave order for contractors

On Labor Day, President Barack Obama announced that he will sign an executive order on Sept. 14 that forces companies with government contracts to provide paid sick leave to their employees. The order will affect thousands of workers in California and across the nation. Low-wage workers are expected to benefit the most.

California man says he was fired because of taking family leave

After reviewing the complaint of a man who once worked as a tax-planning manager at 21st Century Fox, the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing has affirmed his right to sue his former employer. His lawsuit alleges that his employer retaliated against him and eventually dismissed him after he took leave to help his wife, who was suffering from postpartum depression, under the Family Medical Leave Act and the California Family Rights Act.

Sony faces class action lawsuit from former employees

Two former IT employees of Sony have a filed a lawsuit in California against the company claiming that the company failed to properly protect the personal information of its employees. The lawsuit was filed in the U.S. District Court in Los Angeles on Dec. 18 and is the fourth similar lawsuit related to the hacks against the company in November. The hacks have caused a variety of hardships to the company, including a delayed release of its film The Interview due to possible violent reprisals.

Verbal abuse issues and workers' rights in California

In a report issued in 2010, the U.S. Workforce Bullying Institute found that more than one-third of the workers it interviewed noted that they had experienced some form of on-the-job bullying. Verbal abuse was one of the most common issues encountered. While any verbal abuse can be disconcerting, encountering the issue in the workplace can be especially stressful due to the connection between the environment and the ability to earn a living.

Verbal abuse and employment disputes

California workers have the right to enjoy a safe and healthy working environment. However, some workplaces may experience verbal abuse. Although laws are not in place specifically outlawing such behavior, the employers who allow verbal abuse to continue may still be held to be liable for damages as a result.

Dealing with harassment at the workplace

Employees in California may benefit from learning more about workplace harassment, as defined by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. The EEOC defines harassment as employment discrimination in violation of the American Disabilities Act, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The harassment can be described as any conduct directed towards religion, color, race, disability, age, or nationality that is unwelcome. The EEOC considers this conduct to be unlawful if it meets certain criteria.

Filing a complaint after workplace discrimination

Some workers from California may desire greater information about filing discrimination or retaliation complaints in the workplace. If someone feels that they have been denied employment or were terminated for an unjustified reason, he or she has the option of filing a complaint with the state labor commissioner.

New laws on sick leave for California workers

California workers may be interested to learn that the state has just passed a law requiring sick days for workers. Pursuant to the legislation that was recently signed by Gov. Jerry Brown, employers must grant employees at least three paid sick days per year. The law will go into effect July 1, 2015. The law excludes home health care workers, but it otherwise applies to all individuals who work more than 30 days per year. Employees are allowed one hour per 30 hours worked, but businesses may use the three days as a cap on the benefit. The new law will apply to businesses of all sizes.

Whistleblower retaliation lawsuit ends with $1 million verdict

According to a recent California ruling, two former Los Angeles police officers faced retaliation after reporting alleged wrongdoing, forcing both men to early retirements. The courts sided with the police officers and awarded both men over $1 million in damages.

Newspaper workers, exotic dancers seek recognition as employees

A 2014 decision by the California Supreme Court may have opened the door to class certification in independent contractor lawsuits statewide, according to two attorneys familiar with the issue. The case involved newspaper delivery workers who were certified as a class despite a requirement that certain parts of the legal analysis, such as overtime pay and break period compliance, be examined on an individual basis.

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