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Many of us spend 40-plus hours every week at work. So, dealing with discrimination, harassment, a hostile work environment or other employment law issues can put a huge part of your daily life in distress. Or, in the case of a wrongful termination, your career and livelihood are at stake.

Law Offices of Gary R. Carlin, APC has been fighting for employee rights since 1970. Our attorneys are skilled in all areas of employment law and are fully prepared to advocate for you in negotiations and in the courtroom against a business, corporation or entity of any size.

Handling A Wide Variety Of Employment Law Matters

Our skilled employment law attorneys are dedicated to protecting the rights of employees facing a wide variety of circumstances. Whether you need assistance with retaliation, a hostile work environment, unpaid overtime, wrongful termination or any other employment law matter, our team is on your side.

Dedicated To Protecting Victims Of Workplace Discrimination

At Law Offices of Gary R. Carlin, APC, our lawyers have the experience to provide strong representation in all cases involving workplace discrimination. We handle a wide range of problems, including those faced by workers who have been discriminated against because of age, race, disability, gender, religion or sexual orientation.

Dealing With Workplace Harassment? We Are Here To Help.

No one should have to deal with harassment in the workplace, and the experienced lawyers at Law Offices of Gary R. Carlin, APC are here to provide strong representation on your behalf if you have been harassed. Our team will work diligently to help you get the justice you deserve in cases involving disability, racial, religious and sexual harassment.

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For a free initial consultation with one of our skilled employment law attorneys, contact Law Offices of Gary R. Carlin, APC. Based in Long Beach, our law firm represents individuals throughout Southern California. We handle cases on a contingency basis, so you will not pay any legal fees unless we win your case for you.

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