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Wage And Hour Class Actions: Learn Why There Is Truly Power In Numbers

Your employer has misclassified you and others as salaried to avoid paying overtime. How do you hold your employer accountable? A class action brought on behalf of you and the others addresses all the violations and is often the only way to even the power imbalance.

Over the past decade, the federal courts have dismantled the right to bring a class action by upholding arbitration agreements that waive this basic right. Employers have quietly added boilerplate class action waivers into the arbitration clauses of employment contracts. Small print that you never got the chance to read thus denies you the right to bring a class action.

At Law Offices of Gary R. Carlin, APC, we believe it is important to keep you informed of these major changes. Our white paper provides an overview of a divide forming between federal and California courts and a tool you can use to hold employers liable for employment violations.

In California, the Private Attorney General Act allows you to join other similarly affected co-workers to seek redress for basic Labor Code violations such as:

  • Failure to pay wages or overtime
  • Payroll violations
  • Denied meal and rest breaks

We want you to understand that in California remedies exist to enforce wage and hour laws. Read Power In Numbers: California Wage And Hour Class Actions to learn more about how you can protect your rights in the workplace.

Read Our White Paper: