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Fighting For Victims Of Workplace Discrimination

You should not have to put up with discrimination in your workplace. If you are being mistreated because of your membership in a protected class, it is important to contact an employment law attorney as soon as possible.

At Law Offices of Gary R. Carlin, APC, we have been assisting clients with discrimination matters for more than 45 years. Based in Long Beach, our law firm serves people throughout the Los Angeles area and across Southern California.

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Committed To Protecting Employees’ Rights

No matter what type of workplace problems you are facing, our firm is here to help. We provide strong representation in a wide range of discrimination cases, including:

  • Age: Have you been targeted in a layoff, while younger workers kept their jobs? Employers think that a reduction in force gives them cover to fire anyone, but the reality is that older workers are often targeted during these layoffs. Age discrimination can also involve passing you up for a promotion or age-related harassment.
  • Disability: Disability discrimination takes many forms. Contact our law firm if you have been terminated due to an injury, illness or disability or if your employer has denied accommodations, benefits or disability leave. Our lawyers and investigators will look into the specifics of your case, including medical records, personnel records, emails, photos and more.
  • Gender: Both sexes can suffer gender discrimination, but it is more common with women. We often find that our female clients worked in jobs for many years with salaries that were not even remotely comparable with those of their male counterparts. However, gender does not determine your level of skill, passion or ambition. If you have been denied raises or promotions because of your gender, our skilled lawyers are here to help.
  • National origin: Have you faced inappropriate comments or a lack of employment opportunities because of your culture, ancestry or birthplace? Anti-discrimination law protects individuals employed in the United States who are legally authorized to work, regardless of citizenship or immigrant status.
  • Pregnancy: You can’t be fired, terminated or laid off because you’re pregnant. In addition, you can’t be harassed by your employer because you’re pregnant. If your employer begins nitpicking your job performance or criticizing you for missing time from work due to pregnancy-related appointments, you can take action. Employers must provide a protected disability leave, reasonable accommodations for doctor visits and a protected time for bonding after your baby is born.
  • Race: The fight to end racial discrimination continues every day. Too often, employers ignore the racial and ethnic biases some people in positions of authority hold. Because of their biases, these supervisors and employers treat employees differently, with members of one race or ethnicity given preference over others. We will fight vigorously for your rights if you have experienced any discrimination based on your race.
  • Religion: Has your employer refused to provide a work schedule that enables you to observe your religious beliefs? Generally, an employer cannot discriminate against an employee based on his or her religious beliefs in the terms and conditions of employment. This includes the hiring process, promotions, hours and vacation time. Some employers refuse to provide reasonable accommodations for an employee’s religious beliefs – for example, scheduling that allows an employee to observe a particular religious holiday.
  • Sexual orientation: Despite the progress our society is making, many people still face discrimination in the workplace because of their sexual orientation. Many of our LGBTQ clients report that they felt immediately disregarded only a few minutes into a job interview due to suspicions about their sexual orientation. Others report constant teasing at work, which can include vulgar references to their sex life or stereotypical, digging remarks about their lifestyle overall.

At Law Offices of Gary R. Carlin, APC, our workplace discrimination lawyers hold employers accountable. We hope that our efforts will lead employers to make future decisions on the basis of merit, and not on some factor the employee has no control over – such as age, race or gender. We represent employees in a variety of industries and job roles, including firefighters, office workers and more.

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